Move aside Puck you've met your match.

His name? Mojo Magnet.

Half singer. Half songwriter. Half guitarist. All trouble.

Mojo's music is impossible to accurately label. When he picks up a guitar, you have no idea what to expect. When he opens his mouth, it's anyone's guess what will come out. On the four albums he's released so far, he rocks, rhymes, grooves, croons, wails, screams, whispers and farts.

Specnabulous introduced the world to Mojo. (Or was that vice versa?) Then on Fantastamatic Ecstatic, Mojo turned things up a notch. Next came Stripped Down and Mojo got back to his purest sound. And now, with his latest album, Stupidiot, Mojo is once again shaking things up, as only he can.

Mojo is a citizen of the planet and has unleashed his sound in over twenty-five countries and on every continent. Most days you will find him in Los Angeles, where his overactive imagination is never short of inspiration and his guitar is never more than arms-reach away.

Mojo's songs have featured in trailers for What Happens in Vegas and The Hangover, commercials for Hyundai and Carnival Cruise Lines and in Television promos for TV Land.

Where he pops up next is anyone's guess.